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Surfcenter Koroni

Zaga Beach
GR-24004 Koroni
Mobile: +30 6945548027
Facebook: Surfcenter Koroni


Adress: Surfcenter Koroni

Zaga Beach

GR-24004 Koroni/Messinias

VDWS Membership: VS22132

Phone: +30 698 8892106



Managing director: Peter Pavlic

Court of registration: Kalamata

VAT. IdNr.: EL142984849

Notice of liability:

1.           The equipment can only be used during opening hours.

2.           Payment should be settled directly after check in at the center.

3.           Children under 18 years must be accompanied by parents/adults.

4.           Counting hiring hours, fraction of hours will be considered as full hours.

5.           Renting starts with kit given to customer and ends after returning to staff/center.

6.           For renting material customers are obliged to leave an ID card at the center for the time of rental which will be returned                      after rental period and payment.    

7.           The hired equipment is personal and must not be given to others. If so a surcharge of 30% of the rental price will be                          charged.                        

8.           Information about the watersports area/restricted areas/wind conditions/tides will be provided by center staff. Customers                    are obliged to follow any instructions from staff.

9.           Windsurfers and sailors must start and land between the yellow buoy lines and stay behind them at all times. Swimming                    areas, diving areas, port areas and specially marked restricted areas must be avoided at all times.              

10.         In any case of emergency/need of boat rescue use the international distress signal by waving your arms above your head.                Any boat rescue except during instructions and material fatigue will be charged to the customer.                                      

11.         Customers must inspect the rented equipment for any damages before starting. Any damages arising after rental period                    will be charged to the customer according to the repair price list.

12.         With your signature you confirm that you are in good health conditions and are able to swim at least 15 min in open water.

13.         Please inform center staff before going out. It is not allowed to leave the equipment on the beach/in the sun for more than                  15 min. For any longer breaks you are asked to return the gear to the center.

14.         In case of bad weather, no wind conditions, non use of equipment for the booked period and sickness without medical                      certificate no refund will be provided.

15.         The center and employees assume no liability for customers and third parties injuries, a personal insurance is                                    autonomously.                   

16.         The center will cover any injuries occuring during lessons and with a third person.

17.         The center manager keeps the right to refuse rental for any reasons.